Particularly, somewhat accentuated Exaltation was notably synchronised which have Ac

Particularly, somewhat accentuated Exaltation was notably synchronised which have Ac

Inside our decide to try, the types of accentuated personality traits influenced attitudes and you can behavioral patterns about Air cooling to a certain degree; like, Ac is actually synchronised that have Uncontrollability and you will Exaltation. It could be that those whoever emotional sphere oscillates between desire and you will despair otherwise excitement and you can discouragement play with Air-conditioning because a coping device.

We didn’t choose a life threatening correlation ranging from significantly emphasized Nervousness and Air conditioning even as we asked, that has been contradictory that have past education you to definitely receive a connection between higher anxiety awareness and you may Ac used as the a dealing procedure . Inside our research, accentuated and you can highly emphasized Demonstrativeness had been much lower as compared to levels utilized in a past study that have teenagers .

Among members who had Ac-related issues with amount, very belonged toward class which have notably emphasized Demonstrativeness. This group ate more often to get over inhibitions. The will to be noticed and accepted by others was a beneficial you want educated because of the everybody; but not, the fresh indication of it you would like and in what way where notice are found are very important. Such as, Demonstrativeness from inside the art will become necessary and you will a plus, whereas maladaptive signs out-of Demonstrativeness is actually represented by Air-con, medications, or registration out-of particular subcultures. (بیشتر…)

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